Hur moderna är vi?

Den svenska självbilden är den att vi är supermoderna, och mitt intryck är att vi ligger minst 100 år efter, bara inom medicinen.

I land efter land demonstrerar folk mot GMO-mat
Land efter land har kastat ut den, bland annat Indien. Det vet inte svensken, och en vän till mig skrev till Jordbruksverket, och ifrågasatte beslutet att släppa in GMO-mat i Sverige nu, och de försäkrade att allt är okej för företagen har betalat stora summor för tester. Givetvis känner de inte till vad som händer i världen eftersom vår press är kraftigt censurerad, och Aftonbladet verkar styra världsbilderna eller – rättare sagt – hjärntvätten

Sverige inför nu GMO-mat på allvar

000_par7568101_copy.si_In New Zealand: No GM foods are grown in the country.

In Germany: There is a ban on the cultivation or sale of GMO maize.

In Ireland: All GM crops were banned for cultivation in 2009, and there is a voluntary labeling system for foods containing GM foods to be identified as such.

In Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Luxembourg: There are bans on the cultivation and sale of GMOs.

media_xl_1664759In France: Monsanto’s MON810 GM corn had been approved but its cultivation was forbidden in 2008. There is widespread public mistrust of GMOsthat has been successful in keeping GM crops out of the country.

In Madeira: This small autonomous Portugese island requested a country-wide ban on genetically modified crops last year and was permitted to do so by the EU.

In Switzerland: The country banned all GM crops, animals, and plants on its fields and farms in a public referendum in 2005, but the initial ban was for only five years. The ban has since been extended through 2013.

1369567896-march-against-monsanto-demonstration-in-london_2088927In India: The government placed a last-minute ban on GM eggplant just before it was scheduled to begin being planted in 2010. However, farmers were widely encouraged to plant Monsanto’s GM cotton and it has led to devastating results. The UK’s Daily Mail reports that an estimated 125,000 farmers have committed suicide because of crop failure and massive debt since planting GM seeds.

In Thailand: The country has zigzagged in its support and opposition of GM crops. The country had widespread trials of GM papayas from Hawaii but reversed its plans when the seeds got wild and began contaminating nearby crops. Several countries such as Japan moved to restrict the importation of Thailand’s papayas as a result, not wanting to import any GM foods. Thailand is currently trying to embrace both sides — producing organic foods for some countries at a high price while moving towards embracing more and more GM crops. The country has also tried declaring some areas GMO-free zones in order to encourage other countries to trust their foods. Läs mer


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