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‘Several hundred people have been arrested during a peaceful protest in Washington DC after they strapped themselves to the White House fence and laid out their demands on Pennsylvania Avenue in protest against the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.
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Svenskarna har ett enormt förtroende för SvT och SR
Precis som i fjol är det Sveriges Radio som står högst i kurs bland bland medierna i årets förtroendebarometer. 73 procent av de tillfrågade svarade att de har mycket eller ganska högt förtroende för SR, följt av Sveriges Television på 71 procent.
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Imagine a protest in a nation’s capital that results in the arrests of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, attempting to draw attention to an active political controversy. If we’re to believe anti-government activists in Venezuela, the fact that the television did not cover an event is proof that the government is stifling the press.

But this demonstration happened in Washington, DC, not Caracas. The hundreds of protesters were arrested in front of the White House, where they were urging the Obama administration to reject the climate-wrecking Keystone XL pipeline.  And according to a search of the Nexis news database, the protests hardly made a sound in the corporate media.
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