Min första lojalitet ligger i sanningen

– Min första lojalitet ligger i sanningen. Moderaterna har blivit mer och mer en klubb där det viktiga är att göra som resten av klubben, sade han då till Dagens Nyheter. Källa

Sweden: Fascism in slow motion
The ”folkhemmet” (people’s home) gradually became a version of the Fascist ”corporate State”
By John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.)

Sweden remained a fully functioning democracy throughout the 20th century so in that sense has never been Fascist. In important other ways, however, the Swedish system has much in common with Fascism.

Although it is a commonplace that Hitler got good co-operation from Sweden both before and during WW2, the idea that Sweden was itself in any sense Fascist must seem like one of the most absurd suggestions ever made. Has not Sweden been the great icon of the Democratic Left in the postwar period? It has indeed, though these days conservatives have better reasons for mentioning the Swedish experience than Leftists do. Nonetheless, little-recognized though it might be, there are substantial reasons for seeing interwar Sweden as Fascist. Like all Fascisms, however, Swedish Fascism had its own unique national characteristics and its most unusual characteristic was how slowly it developed, with much of its development taking place AFTER WW2 rather than before. Läs mer


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